Tools for Teachers

POP-D is a science education based curriculum to prevent prescription drug abuse. The POP-D Teacher's Guide includes six lessons with a detailed instructional sequence, PowerPoint slides, and in-class activities. The POP-D Game Guide includes information on how to implement four online games to further engage students in the POP-D curriculum and extend learning. Although the games are independent from the lessons in the POP-D Teacher's Guide, they work best as complementary activities.

POP-D uses standards-based learning to increase adolescent understanding of the risks and effect of prescription drug abuse. POP-D's goal is to support the proper use of prescription drugs and prevent prescription drug abuse. Each lesson is based on National Science Standards and follows a common format. The POP-D classroom lessons also use a series of Foldables®, which are three-dimensional graphic organizers developed by Dinah Zike, to engage students through hands-on activities and help them retain and apply the POP-D content.

We recommend using the POP-D games and the Game Guide as a supplement to the POP-D classroom lessons. Below, we provide some suggestions about using the various components of POP-D:

The Foldable® activities used in the POP-D lessons are adapted from Dinah Zike's Foldables®, Notebook Foldables®, and VKVs® for Spelling and Vocabulary 4th – 12th ©2009 and used with permission. Visit for more of Ms. Zike's ideas. We recognize that some words, names, and designations mentioned in POP-D are the property of the trademark holder. We use them only for identification purposes. Foldable® is a registered trademark of McGraw-Hill School Solutions Group.